Noise in the Vacuum Rant#1 *Guest Post*

24 01 2011

This one is by Noise in the Vacuum….. I get there feeling (and hope) there will be more.

Honestly what is there to rant about?

I mean we have politician who make pond life look like upstanding members of the human race.

We have constant health reports, each one which seems to contradict the last one and yet the news presenters never seem to notice this even if they said yesterday that ?Two tablespoonfuls of arsenic is good for you? they would not mention this when saying ?Arsenic is bad for you ,? today.

We are told to stop using our cars so more people use the trains so they become crowded so they put up the fares to stop the overcrowding!

For fucks sake don’t decide to cycle to work or they will employ people to stick broom handles through your spokes.

The TV is shite! It is a constant drivel of the celbritocracy trying to perpetuate its self, a show called ?Celebrity minefield clearance? now that I would watch.

Hmm anyone have the address of Channel 4’s commissioning editor?




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