Noise in the Vacuum on Slebs *Guest Post*

3 02 2011

*guest post*

Noise in the Vacuum returns with his Rant number 2

With all this talk of mobile phone hacking there is a group of celebrities that we should all feel sorry for, sorry I mean point and laugh at! That is those who are so far down the celebrity list scale that no one can be bothered to hack their phones. I mean that must be soul destroying. Imagine you have just been told that you won’t be going on “Celebrity minefield clearance” after all, because CH4 are unimaginative chickens, then you discover you are not on the list of hacked phones, honestly it is enough to make you get a proper job or at least do something creative with your life.

Oh and on fevered egos of celebrities, apologies for the pattern, yes Clarkson you could get fired for ?saying something to my mates on the programme? we all could, you are not a special case.

While I’m on the subject of Mr Toad, your comments may be bad enough at times but the ?speed is good? message that you preach is down right criminal.

To the BBC spokesperson that I heard defending the Top Gear programme on just this point, a while ago, on the basis that Top Gear was an ?Entertainment? programme, why is Top Gear listed under ?Factual? on the BBC iPlay A to Z and is not listed under the ?Entertainment? A to Z?




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