Stop Paying Me: trying to get off benefits *Guest Post*

3 02 2011

*guest post* by Benefits Bunny

They say it’s hard to get on benefits but has anyone actually tried to get off benefits?

I just called for the second time in the past 6 months to stop income support payments and yet again the call centre woman made it near impossible for me to have the money stopped, because I’m apparently entitled to it.

In the first instance they were right but I’d heard it was really hard to stay on income support in my particular circumstance and so I called to cancel the payments. Payments continued. Cant complain.

This time I’m not so sure. I’m not going to go into the details of why, but surely if someone calls to say they think their money should be stopped, it should be stopped. No interrogation, no intimidation.

Its nice to know these people in the call centre are being helpful but I just want to stop the payments before I get a letter saying I owe them money and then more interrogaton and more intimidation.

I am now terrified to call the tax credits people in case they want to give me more money. Perhaps I should retire and see if they’ll give me my pension.





One response

16 01 2012

I just found your post randomly after I googled ‘problems getting off benefits’ to which most of what google showed was about smoking…but then you came up.

I have to say it’s criminal on the governments part, that any willing claimant would want to stop benefits – they give us the flippin’ Spanish inquisition! Surely it should be easier to stop them.

It seems to me that if THEY want to stop the money they can but when WE ask it’s nigh on impossible. I was almost given a criminal record by the government for ‘not handing in information’ to the income support office – when in fact they’d lost ALL my documentation and instead of telling me this they thought they’d have me done for fraud. I managed to prove myself right however and the whole case was dropped but it just goes to show what a corrupt system is hiding behind a pretence of easy handouts. Its sickening.

Anyway, my situation now is I am cancelling my benefits and they’re making a god-damned hash of it. If anyone reads this, hold onto your seats kiddos, we’ve got a long battle to save our dignity trying to get back to work.

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