Diversity in Law: Poor People Need Not Apply. *Guest Post*

11 02 2011

Guest post

Well it would seem that socio-economic background is still a major barrier to studying law in Britain.

Despite the Law Society of Scotland’s supposeddrive on promoting diversity in the profession, if people cannot enter the first stage of training at university, then there is no hope of attracting practitioners from diverse backgrounds.

It seems diversity is a bit of a trendy topic for the legal profession and policy makers at the moment. Shame someone couldn’t inform the universities of this fact.

All this top down waffle, isn’t trickling down to those at the bottom rung of the ladder. They’re not listening and their policies are not accommodating.

So what has prompted this? Well I can’t really divulge that fully at the moment. Needless to say however, if you’re a single parent, in relative poverty, disabled and looking to retrain, don’t expect to enter the law profession. They don’t want you and wont do anything to help you get there.

Unless daddy is rich enough to pay the staggering £6300 fees per year, you’re buggered.

Enjoy your life on the dole, apparently it’s all you’re worthy of doing.




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