*Guest Post* We Will Survive: a song rewritten

13 03 2011

First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking how can Lib Dems live
With Tories side by side?
And I spend oh so many nights
Thinking how they do us wrong
But they grew strong
And we learned how to carry on

So if you?re poor,
From outer space
Just look around to see us living
With that sad look upon our face
We should have stopped the fucking banks
We should have stopped their lending spree
If we had known for just one second
They?d let the banks get off scott free

Go on now go, walk out the door
Just turn around now
?Cause you?re not welcome anymore
Weren?t you the ones who took office with your lies
We watch you bumble
As our public sector dies
Oh yes, you?re fly
Yet we survive
As long as we know right from wrong
The state will stay alive
Oh yes the NHS will live
And the people wont forgive
And we will thrive
You wont survive.

It took all the strength we had
not to fall apart
Keep trying hard to save
The services you tear apart
And we?ve spent oh so many nights
Just feeling sorry for ourselves
We used to cry
But now we hold our heads up up high

And you?ll see us
All on the brew
Chained to the welfare state
You tried to devalue
Still you won?t admit that you?ve fucked up
Or perhaps cuts weren?t the key
And if you think you will win future terms
You?re up a Tory gum-tree

Go on now go, walk out the door
Just turn around now
?Cause you?re not welcome anymore
Don?t be surprised if there are no goodbyes
When your government implodes
And the coalition dies
Oh yes, we?re sly
We will survive
Because we all know what?s right from wrong
The people will uprise
We have all our life to live
We?ve got all our love to give
And we?ll survive,
We will survive.





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