Chavs in the neighbourhood?

12 04 2011

I’m watching one of those <b> Dear TV Show, I’m too rich and lazy to find my own house go do the boring bit for me,</b>programmes and its got me thinking:

How the fuck to these people afford such huge, expensive properties?

They’re rarely high-flying doctors or lawyers or investment bankers. More often they’re scabby chavs with no class. How do these scum afford well-over half a million pounds to buy houses, when most respectable professional people would be chased from standing near the entrance to the driveway for being too poor?

And if I lived in some of  these picturesque rural locations, the last thing I’d want would be Kevin and Tracey from Welwyn Garden City moving their spoilt chavtastic offspring, their Ford Capri and their too-tight shiny fashion shirts bought in Next, into the neighbourhood.

Perhaps some of it is my pov-jealousy at their obvious success at “social mobility” but realistically, what does someone have to do for a living to afford these kinds of prices? It obviously doesn’t involve having a brain, class or style.

And perhaps its my snobbery but if I had been paying half a million+ for a property, I’d like my neighbours to be articulate and occasionally partake in speaking while utilising purple fruits or particularly tasty bollocks in one’s mouth, not sounding as if they’d be more at home serving customers in the  “Wohwfud” branch of Lidl.

Why do these shows never feature first time buyers with a £35k budget and 6 kids to house? Even first time buyers have budgets of £350,000 and are buying immaculate 20 acre properties and the wife is giving up work. How the fuck do these people do it?

This was a totally judgemental post brought to you by the letters fuck off and up yours.





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