Royal Wedding Rant

18 04 2011

Y’know this isn’t what you’d expect to hear.

I cannot be arsed with the Royal Wedding. I dont honestly give two shits (or even one shit) about it, and the coverage on tv is going to get more and more unbearable as the day nears. I know its timing was an attempt to appease because of the behaviour of the government and to raise spirits amongst general public during what is essentially an economic depression. Even the tat isn’t word-count worthy.

However, upon hearing of (and I would you like to pay particular attention to the inverted commas and lower case) “anarchists” plans to disrupt the events of the day, I get particularly peeved.

Yeah so they’re huge state scroungers (although I’m equally as aware of the arguments that they contribute more than they take) and funding aside, many people take exception to their very existence.  But at the end of the day, pomp and ceremony or not, Royal or not, its just a couple getting married.

Wills and Kate in reality have fuck all to do with the politics of modern day Britain.

Its not their fault the Tories are screwing us all over yet again, its not their fault the banks ruined the country. They didnt cause the cuts or the recession and lets face it they didn’t even have the power to stop it.

Why should they, like any other young couple, have to suffer the problems of society on their wedding day? A day that boils down to a couple dedicating their lives to each other in the eyes of their god. It doesn’t need to be politicised or turned into a riot to appease those that wouldn’t be happy with Wills and Kate having a cheapo beach wedding in Ibiza or a registry job down the High Street.

I don’t actually give a shit about the whole debacle, but I’d hate to think that others were unable to see beyond all the political or ceremonial bullshit to the basic common denominator – a couple wanting to get married.

What right does anyone have to try and ruin that?




And there’s always the divorce to celebrate and ruin in a few years time.




And anyway, I’m more perturbed by the unrealistic hairline Prince William has in the royal wedding merchandise.




C’mon people, priorities… the hairline is wrong.





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