A Dog Rants *guest post*

27 04 2011

Who says GHL&C is species discriminatory? Quite possibly a first for the internet, at least for this site; we have opened up GHL&C to our four legged friends, that is friends and not foe’s the evil allergy inducing cat!

If anyone speaks dog and can translate please do so in the comments.

**Guest Post**

A Dog Rants

woof woof bark howl

*stops to lick genitals*

woof? woof w’w’woof woof bark snarl

growl growl

*chases cat*

growl howl howl snarl

whine, woof w’w’woof woof bark howl.

whimper whimper? yelp snarl.

*falls asleep*




2 responses

27 04 2011

The evil allergy inducing cat!


Well, remember what you said, because in a day or two, I’ll have a witty and blistering retort! You’ll be devastated THEN!

27 04 2011

I wait with baited breath for your witty retort. You could send us a cat rant to even up the stakes if you wish!

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