If you can’t say something constructive…

27 04 2011

Then don’t say anything at all.

This site may not be to your taste. You may agree or disagree with the posts on it. If you cannot respond in a decent, adult, non-offensive manner, even if you vehemently disagree with the opinion posted, you can piss off and go elsewhere with your vitriol and personal attacks.

The world is full of a variety of people with a variety of opinions and to retort with nastiness because it is different to yours, only highlights YOUR inability to accept difference; be that difference of body or mind.

With that in mind some of the responses to the post about Competitive Sickness Syndrome were a sad display of inability to open up to debate or accept different opinions, which resorted to childish name-calling. In stark contrast to one of the commenter’s own recent blog post about Freedom of Speech and allowing those with publicly unpopular points of view a platform to be able to air them.

While the original author of Competitive Sickness Syndrome may have presented what is to some an unacceptable opinion, it is none the less a valid opinion and to call him a fucking twisted piece of shit or words to that effect only serves to make YOU look like the arsehole, not him. To have his own disability questioned, highlights a point he has made in paragraph four and to reiterate I shall repost it here:

“You cant judge others on your own experience or response to illness.”

This is exactly what some responses have done and not only does it highlight his point fantastically but it does so without him having to respond or defend his point of view.

That said, offensive comments will always be marked as spam.

Grumpyhatlady & Chums doesn’t always 100% agree with what guest posters say but we will vehemently defend their right to say it and will ensure that on-site at least they are not subjected to poor behaviour, name-calling or bullying for voicing their opinion, that is out-of-order for so-called adults and will not be tolerated.

By all means debate and discuss the points of view, highlight why you think it may be wrong, but do not make personal attacks because someone holds a different point of view to you.





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