What I really want to say…

27 04 2011

Y’know there are times I’d really like to not bite my tongue so much and say exactly what I’m thinking.

I know I’m not the only one out there and I don’t understand why we don’t just say what we want to say.

Ok so there’s the faff with hurting people’s feelings. There’s the ‘fear’ of saying something on the wrong side of politically correct. There are those who will take issues with what you say because they don’t like the look of your hat, regardless of what it is you have to say or how you say it.

But why does it matter what a bunch of virtual people say? Bunch o’ smelly cunts the lot o them!

Yeah I know there are real people behind the words on a screen, but I don’t *really* know them. I will likely *never* meet them. I shouldn’t really concern myself too much with their emotions as they don’t concern themselves too much with mine.

So why do I not just let rip?

Why can’t I just let go and speak my mind when I feel the need to do so?

There is this stupid conscience. It nags me not to overstep the acceptable mark. It tells me not to rock the boat too much. It reminds me to keep my level, grown up, head on. It won’t let me tell it like it is. I’m sure it’s due to go on holiday in the near future and when that day comes there will be an outpouring of rectal verbosity.

Until then I’m stuck verging on niceties. I’ll remain mostly pleasant.

All the while though, there’s a wee nagging voice just wanting to tell that conscience of mine….



well the conscience and a whole bunch of irritating people who probably wouldn’t deserve that degree of verbal assault.





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