Who really has the sexual power?

28 04 2011

**Guest Post by @ohrosiejones**

This whole sexual equality malarkey has ruined what it really means to be a woman. Both male and female humans come in various shapes and sizes, and levels of intellect, but they are far from equal and it is about time we all accepted that. Women are becoming confused as to where their place is in the grander scheme of things. They want it all and they want the choice to have none of it. They want to be strong and independent but complain that chivalry is dead. While both sexes are free to express feminine and masculine attributes- women have one thing men do not. Most do not realise how much power they hold and while they fight for complete equality they lose more and more of this power.

Allow me to let you into a little secret- women enjoy using their sexuality as a tool in life. I know, shocking right? Well it is true- take Italian Prime Minister and professional dirty old man, Silvio Berlusconi. He has been at the mercy of women for probably his whole life and now it has gotten him into a heap of trouble. Italian women are baying for his blood and why? Because he is a man who cannot control himself when confronted with a beautiful woman who doesn’t mind having sex with him for a shit load of cash. There is a fuzzy moral line between who is being exploited, and whether it really matters…

The power women have over men, and sometimes other women, is incomparable and almost always under estimated by themselves. Those who spit venomous words about Page 3 girls and other such glamour professionals are, to coin a cliché, jealous. We all wish we could harness our sexuality as they do but those who cannot have this resentment building up until it explodes into a 4 page rant about glamour modelling, pornography and even erotic photography being degrading to women.

Well, tiny, lacy pants to them!

Women should let go of that old bra-burning rage and embrace the fact that they are the softer, sexier, sensual side of the human race. With birds the males are the seducers with their plumage and attention seeking chirrups, lions and stags are majestic and grand compared to their plainer female counter parts; human females need to face up to the fact that they are the seducers and there is nothing wrong with that. To be a seducer you must be the beautiful one, the smarter one, the one with the power to get what you want- be it a job, a mate or the last cupcake. Women- as well as being as smart and as witty as you are; flutter your lashes, present your cleavage and smile sweetly to get ahead, to express yourself, and to ensnare a mate.

There is no shame in it. It is nature at it’s best, and you cannot fight Mother Nature- she is a woman, after all.




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