Screw the poor and vulnerable, lets be rich and not give a toss!

10 05 2011

I woke up in a fantastic mood today. Doesn’t happen often for various endocrine reasons.

Upon hearing various news stories from the Tory Private PR machine aka the British press, my good mood is slowly turning to rage.

Now I like to swear, I don’t have to swear and if what I write is likely to make me money, end up in the press or in public circulation then I don’t swear BUT on this occasion I feel even in those circumstances, swearing would be necessary, nay COMPULSORY. I also write this from my sick stomach and not from a wholly factually researched position.

So sue me! Or shove your criticism up your arse.

Firstly by suggesting rich kids can pay extra for a place at the best uni’s while ordinary poor kids have to fight it out among themselves, the Tories believe this will free up state-funded places and aid social mobility?

How the fuck can letting some well off teen bypass the application rat-race, aid social mobility? It just means those who can afford not to have to take out student loans will be

a)guaranteed a place with the minimum required entry standards

b) not be stuck with ridiculous life-long interest payments which are allegedly meant to be your contribution or return on the investment of going to university.

So these rich kids, through no fault of their own mind, wont actually be re-investing in their education for life. Nor will they have £150+ a month taken from their wages upon graduation to pay for the privilege of higher education. Gosh this social mobility lark must be really confusing for those Etonians who’ve never had to actually save for anything, let alone pay for their own education.

And has anyone considered that numbers are set because thats the maximum intake a university building can hold? There is only so much space in a lecture theatre and to allocate additional spaces for full higher rate paying students makes it likely that some state-loan paying students are going to miss out. This isn’t freeing up space, its stealing precious oxygen. I remember my first time at uni there were two first year psychology lectures a day to cope with the numbers of students who wanted to study it… where would the space come from for these additional fee paying students? It’s not logistically sound.


And much of the justification of the higher fees in the first instance, was that those who earned more would be paying more back. But those who earn more and are from already wealthy backgrounds wont be adding anything to the state education funding pot. Lets not pretend that nepotism isn’t rife among the wealthy classes and that many jobs aren’t allocated at the golf club or country club…


I didn’t get to hear the You and Yours show on BBC Radio 4 and it’s not on iPlayer. So I’m left reading beyond angry tweets from people who paraphrased the whole show in 140 characters. It’s rare for me to express something makes me feel sick to the stomach – on this occassion, indigestion aside, I wouldn’t be lying.

It seems someone by the name of Mark Littlewood believes people should take out insurance to cover disability. What a (please note sarcasm now) *wonderful* idea. I mean it’s not as if it’s already near on impossible or overly expensive to get insurance for a multitude of things if you’re disabled… Lets make an industry out of those who fear disability and lets put those who actually have a disability under the microscope, to have their cover or payments refused when they don’t quite fit the strict criteria. Or what about time limited payments, that’s what happens with sickness cover in Mortgage Repayment Insurance. You get one year to recover and then you’re on your own. No housing benefit help. If you’re lucky you may get DLA to help but you’re still in poverty.

And what of those born with a disability? Which profit-making company would dare take on a burden like that? And if for example you had a condition from birth that wasnt diagnosed until later in life (e.g. Aspergers or ADHD), would you still have no coverage for pre-existing condition?

People are struggling enough paying the necessities of life without considering an additional payment insurance… and anyway isn’t that essentially what national INSURANCE is for? You make your monthly payments just incase the inconceivable happens and you can’t work for whatever reason? Seems not anymore.

Christ, why not have insurance for lazy people too? I mean aren’t all benefits claimants lazy? Oh wait, that’s what your NI payments are for isn’t it?

And then it seems the minister for disabled people has been making spurious claims about disabled people who dare to try to have some kind of non-employment based life or life as normal as possible.

How dare a disabled person try to have friends and socialise. I mean surely hermitism would be far more beneficial to them? Without social contact they wouldn’t think they were very worthwhile, perhaps they’d kill themselves and stop being a burden to society, eh?

There have already been successful suicides due to the benefits system failing desperate people and then of course the DWP recognising this, have issued guidelines for workers on how to deal with suicide and self harm threats from claimants.


Will someone please tell me what the fuck I paid excessive amounts of NI for, if not to help those in society, myself included at times, when there was no work or no ability to work.

I am fucking angry at how little regard there is for those who have hit on hard times.

I am fucking angry at how little regard there is for the real reasons for long-term and generational unemployment and instead of tackling the root-cause – the state attacks the most vulnerable. Those who are LEAST LIKELY to defraud the state.

And the fucking media haven’t helped either spreading their lies for their share of sales.

Is this the country I was born into? It’s making Thatcher’s Britain look idyllic for a communist.

Dont let anyone fool you into believing these cuts and associated “features” are necessary. They are IDEOLOGICALLY driven.

The richest get richer (by almost 20% it would seem), their kids get into uni easier and the poor; well they can fuck off and die.

I am ASHAMED to be British. I am ashamed of the country’s inability to care for its vulnerable and support its poor. I am ashamed of those who make billions and pay less tax than those on £50k p/a. I am disgusted that there are people getting richer on the back of a world-wide recession when the poorest and sickest are having to suffer for all these cuts.

Even Neanderthals took better care of the vulnerable in their society.

What’s that you say? This is no society? Perhaps Thatcher’s legacy lives on…





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