Nick Clegg and the LibDems

12 05 2011

Originally wrote this yesterday and ended up not posting it due to teething toddler…

I won’t deny I was almost fooled by the LibDems at the General Election in 2010 and it was the pledge on student fee’s that swung me. Thanks to a cock-up between two local authorities, I never had the chance to vote and I think I have never been more relieved about that in my life, despite my rage at the time.

man getting a custard pie in his face

We all feel like we've been hit by a custard pie

So it’s the first birthday of the Con-Dem coalition. Less an occasion for cake and more for custard pies.

nick clegg holding student tuition fees pledge

about as trustworthy as a really untrustworthy thing.

Never have a government managed to make so many hard hitting cuts in the guise of austerity and all the while promoting political ideology. Those who follow such ideology prosper as the rest of the country suffer.  As mentioned in the post “Screw the poor and vulnerable, lets be rich and not give a toss”, the Conservative-led government are making cuts Thatcher could only have dreamed of undertaking and all the while the blame is lying squarely with Nick Clegg and his bunch of Liberal Aristocrats.


Political map of scotland from election 2011

the SNP yellow dominates all other parties in Scotland

The Scottish and Welsh elections in May 2011 all but wiped the party out in devolved parliaments and their English council performance was woeful, with their lost seats being split between Labour in the north and the Conservatives in the south.


So what does this mean for the yellow-bellied turncoats?

Well it can go one of two ways.

The pessimist view is that the LibDems will be decimated during this government term; scapegoats for the Tories and punchbags of the nation. And they bloody well deserve it too. People are angry with how quickly they turned their backs on their policies and beliefs for a piece of power. Yellow turned to blue all too easily.

The eternal optimist in me hopes that there is still a fight left in the LibDems. That they start to dig in their heels, they take their share of the power and the dare to speak up against their oppressive Conservative partners. I unrealistically like to think they could revert to their original manifesto pledges and they realise the damage the new coalition policies are causing to society, to their voters, to human beings with families, financial and social responsibilities.

I would like to think perhaps the LibDems are acting like double agents waiting to trap the conservatives and show them up for what they really are. I like to think they will cause uproar at the 11th hour with many of these controversial changes to things like education, NHS and welfare benefits.

I know that will never happen. It’s too late for most of the controversial policies already.

I can’t quite believe that a political party can be fooled by Tory spin in the way they have. I keep hoping they’re just waiting for the optimum moment to stick the knife in. They were afterall meant to be our only alternative to the red and blue drivel we’d been subjected to for decades.

Instead the three parties have merged to form a shitty shade of brown. And as we are all in it together, shitty brown seems like a suitable colour to represent our political situation really.

red and blue paint mixed to form brown in the middle

all political colours blend to form shitty brown

I would love nothing more than for the LibDems to revolt rather than to continue being revolting.

I have sat and wondered whether its possible for Clegg and his band of cronies to regain any kind of political credibility in the face of their deceit and camouflage. I have this hope they might do another U-turn and stuff it to the Conservatives.

Unless they do a massive U-Turn and start to fight these hideous ‘not in it together in the slightest if you’re rich’ cuts, then they really are doomed. And hell mend them. The deserve all they get.


Pile of dog poo with a flag in it. On the flag are the faces of Cameron and Clegg

This is the only thing we are all in together







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