Hopefully its all fixed now

25 05 2011

Had a bit of a horrible day trying to sort out new webspace and get the domain pointing to the right place as the old server died. Looks like it could be an extension of the set up issues when I first got it in March but there’s no way of me knowing until Easyspace tell me whats going on.

Would like to say Easyspace responded to this problem timeously and courteously and effectively but that would be lying. Maybe tomorrow I’ll hear something but until then its a complete waste of my time, space and money.

The images still aren’t all pointing to the right place for some reason (well they are and it isn’t working). It may take a while to fix them but the posts are saved and as far as I can tell the site is pretty much identical to the original with a few tweaks and improvements behind the scenes.

Yet another rare day off spent dealing with bureaucratic fuck ups.

Normal ranting will resume soon….





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