The Bunion is Here, The Bunion is Now!

14 06 2011

Well it seems the latest sleb must have of the season is none other than the trusty bunion.

picture of victoria beckaham's bunions

Latest Hollywood must have accessory

Everyone is at it,

Paris hilton's bunion

You're no one in Hollywood without one...

Yup, those gnarly lumpy monstrosities are now the Latest Hollywood must have accessory and we at Labobo Enterprises?  are about to introduce a variety of products available to ensure you too can have disfigured feet bulging out of your jimmy choo’s, you too can experience the tight fit of non modified shoes just like your favourite A-lister, you too can show off your extra appendage through peep toe sandals designed for 3-year-old feet.


ugly foul gnarly bunion

Labobo Enterprises can help you achieve your goal of owning your own bunion


The bunion is here! The bunion is now!

Without a bunion, or two, you are nobody.

If you are unable to wait for Labobo Enterprises? latest prosthetic accessory COMING SOON, there are some new, exciting and equally as satisfying temporary products available. Just click here for further information.

DISCLAIMER: A bunion does not guarantee a successful Hollywood career but it will get you noticed on the red carpet.

Note: Labobo Enterprises are not sponsored by any sensible footwear manufacturer but we do wholly endorse the Foot Loose stump system




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