Public Sector Striking, Private Sector Whining, Government Laughing

30 06 2011

I’d like to start by defining Public Service:

“A service performed for the benefit of the public, “

And the Public Sector:

“Part of the economy controlled by government”

So a Public Sector Worker would be someone who performs a service for the benefit of the public. They may be paid for this service by the government but as it is their job that would be expected. Despite what Cameron and his Big Society believe, we can’t survive on fresh air and kindness alone.

So I read a comment by some random on twitter:

twitter uses ask whether they will get a tax rebate when public sector services go on strike

ignorance disguised as humour?


It’s obviously designed to rile people and it stinks of ignorance even if designed as humour (although I’m not convinced), much like other similar comments on public sector workers I’ve read from other twitterers over the past few weeks.

And it got me thinking,

  • Has the twitterer above and his ilk never visited an NHS doctor, dentist or hospital?
  • Do they never rely on the police, ambulance or fire services?
  • Do they not have their bins collected from their doorstep?
  • Did they not benefit from compulsory pre-16 education?
  • Were they not forced to sample at least once, school dinners*?
  • Did they not have the opportunity to attend further and higher education?
  • Did they never go on holiday abroad using the passport issued by a public sector worker?
  • Who would these hard working tax payers turn to, should times turn hard and jobs be few?
  • Who would protect the hard working tax payer should the country be invaded by foreign armies?

Public sector workers are so integrated in our everyday lives, that we appear to have stopped appreciating the work they do, and focussing on a few so-called mickey-mouse roles disrespects the hard work and thankless tasks  the majority of these workers undertake to make our lives easier.


Dog forbid they may actually want paid for their work. As if society don’t already expect everything handed on a plate, they expect these services provided free of charge and with inhumane working and retirement conditions too? Of course not, those who work to make our lives easier get paid for their efforts. And rightly so.

So why shouldn’t they complain when their retirement pensions are under- threat?

And with the twitter quote above in mind, do these public sector workers, who obviously earn too much according to negative commenters, not pay tax too?

I mean if they’re earning so much money while in work, apparently more than the average private sector worker, then they must too be paying the same relevant tax… tax which also goes towards their pensions and that of their boss, and the bosses boss. So not only do they pay their personal pension contribution, but judging by the argument above, they’re also paying the employers contribution too. Should they also get a rebate for the strikes as they contribute to the tax pot equally?

How many moaning private sector workers are paying both the personal and employers contribution towards their pensions?

Of course it doesn’t actually work that way.

It’s ridiculous to suggest its a simplistic as that, just as its ridiculous even in jest, to comment like the twitterer above.

And while many public sector workers are striking, not all are. The police aren’t, the doctors and nurses aren’t, the ambulance drivers and paramedics aren’t, the firemen aren’t… so you’re safe should you fall victim to crime, illness or disaster. For the time being…

And what is it that everyone is complaining about so voraciously?

Its teachers, daring to use their legal right to take industrial action because their “old age” (and for many, older age) pensions are in threat of quite drastic change without flexibility or negotiation. Essentially their conditions of employment are changing without any negotiation or compromise.

I shall refer to twitter again for a brief, interim explanation of the problem (full explanation to follow soon)

Langtry_girl provided a brief explanation of the pension issue - transcript to follow

@langtry_girl's explanation of pensions... in 280 chars

Who these days would want to be a teacher? Even parents can’t wait to got rid of their darling little Tarquin and Tabitha of a morning, into the care of essentially a group of peers and stranger adults.

And this, apparently, is the biggest problem facing the country on June 30th 2011 when the teachers and other public sector workers go on strike? Childcare.

Not that the future conditions of employment for our children are slowly being eroded away. Not that those who have dedicated their careers to the education of our country’s youth are having their futures made unstable, uncertain and uncomfortable, Oh no, little Tarquin and Tabitha will have to roam the streets like their feral peers for one day in June because Mummy and Daddy need to pay for the Merc, the Sky and Xbox subscription and the condo in Portugal. How inconvenient!

And while the lefties preach on how wrong it is to destroy the pensions and future of public service workers, Mummies and Daddies around the country have to find another source of day care for a whole 8 hours. I guess that extra day off for the Royal Wedding in April was also met with the moaning middle classes, complaining about lack of childcare for a whole day, too? No?

One of the few redeeming features for a teaching career, was the pension (ok and the good holidays) – and at that, it really wasnt anything to write a blog about.


Front page of the Independent june 30th 2011

Front page of the Independent june 30th 2011



How many 11-year-old girls and boys who claim to want to be teachers when they grow up, do so for the pension prospects? Ten years on, how many of the first class graduates the government want to recruit to teaching are going to enter a profession where the prospects are poor, the job thankless, the clients rude, arrogant and demanding (and that’s just the parents) and the pension pitiful. In fact the only redeeming features are the holidays that are so often debated as being unnecessary and constantly in threat of being abolished.

When teachers make the decision to strike, it’s not taken lightly but there is a lot at stake and at this point in time, they’re only talking about one day of disruption. It’s hardly going to destroy a child’s life education.

When the unions make the decision to strike, its highly legislated, making it increasingly more difficult to do so. This isn’t, as some have suggested, taking the easy option.

It’s getting tiring, continually being fed bullshit by the media and hearing or reading ignorant, ill-informed comments about Public Sector workers as if they have some kind of easy life. It’s true many do have better conditions than their private sector counterparts, but surely the private sector employees should be making more demands of their employers instead of trying to drag the people who hold this country together, down to their pitiful level of accepting poor working conditions in the name of competition.

I don’t understand the British attitude of wishing bad on those who have something they do not. The whole grass is greener attitude is so ill-informed. Who would want to be a nurse or a teacher or a social worker if there weren’t some kind of perks? Who would tend to your wounds, teach your children and give you something to complain about if they did not exist?

Why do private sector staff not fight for better conditions, more perks or better pensions for themselves rather than destroying what public sector workers do have?

It’s all very well complaining that 40% of your tax goes towards public sector workers but as you are a member of the public, and you participate in public life by so little as stepping onto the pavement, then you are merely paying your way. Much like those public sector workers who also pay 40% of their wages in tax for the same things.

This excuse of a government is doing their best to turn neighbour against neighbour, brother against sister. They are systematically trying to destroy society… and they are succeeding thanks to the greed and expectations of modern British society as to entitlement to everything and anything their neighbour gets.

If private sector workers are so incensed by receiving so much less, why not transfer to public sector work? Why not give it a go before bitching? Why not dedicate your career to thankless, expectant, ignorant fools with little to no understanding of the realities of the roles, expectation and future.

Why does society not see that society was never the problem in the first place?

Why does society not see that society is fast becoming the problem now?

Why can society not see that this mission for hatred or promoting envy is the goal of the government and media, to pit us against one another until conditions are so bad that we roll over and take whatever shafting they give us next?

Society didn’t get us into billions of pounds worth of debt, that was the banks and the government, yet no one is hearing of them facing massive cuts to wages, pensions or perks. In the Independent front cover on June 30th 2011 the highest paid non-senior public sector workers are the MP’s voted for by the people. While many MP’s are already from privileged, well-off backgrounds, their public sector pensions are in the region of £21k per annum all paid for by the public purse. These pensions are not in danger of being reduced, their personal contributions are not being doubled and they don’t have to work to 66 to get it either.

If you’re looking for someone to blame, there is your answer.




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