Can anybody be trusted anymore?

17 07 2011

I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering where the fuck the UK goes from here.

What starts out as a media exercise in bad taste with hacking the phones of royalty and celebrities turns into Scandal of the century when victims of fatal crime and their families have their phones hacked too.

A bit of investigation shows that this goes further than just a couple of rogue journalists looking for a scoop and that not only does it go straight to the top of news international but that it goes straight to the top of the Metropolitan Police Force and Governments past and present.

The MP’s expenses scandal is a ride on “It’s a Small World” compared with the reach of the whole News International scandal that’s only starting to emerge.

When everyone is calling for an investigation into the entire affair, it raises the question, who has the impartiality and independence to conduct such an investigation?

The police are implicit in the goings on of News International, taking payments from executives and journalists for sharing information. The lack of proper investigation when the hacking scandal first surfaced in 2006 and not re-opening the investigation in 2009 highlights a serious failing by the police, especially when you consider the information regarding Millie Dowler and others were included in the 2006 files already held by the Met.

Further, the recent arrest of Rebekah Brooks so close to her appearance before  the parliamentary select committee on culture, looking into the scandal,has been considered tactical by the Met as a shield for their goings on. Conspiracy theorists suggest the Met did this knowing full well Brooks would be unable to participate fully while a live investigation is ongoing.

If the police were as involved in the process as is currently being suggested, and if this does go straight to the top, including Police Commissioners, then there is no one trustworthy in the force to investigate the problem. Who to turn to next?

Well logic would suggest Parliament would be the next body to consider investigation but they are equally as involved. In the process of courting the media, politicians feared speaking out against the Murdoch empire. Bad press plays havoc with the public ratings so they weren’t keen to push for further investigations. And lets not forget who was involved in the decision to allow Murdoch to bid for BSkyB, despite many calls for a more independent adjudicator. Add to that personal involvement of all major politicians on a social level with the Murdoch empire and employing of ex-News International staff to key governmental roles.

When our very own Prime Minister not only employs Coulson against the warnings of other key politicians, when he dines with Rebekah Brooks over the christmas period and when he has other social dealings with the Murdochs themselves, how can we trust his staff to conduct an independent inquiry on his and the public’s behalf?

And lets not pretend Cameron is the only Prime Minister who has been a puppet of News International. Stretching right back to Thatcher, there has been an uncomfortably close relationship between the media empire and the most politicians on both the left, right and centre of the spectrum.

But it’s Cameron’s judgement on the matter that is currently seriously under scrutiny. He ignored the warnings, he opened the doors to these people as personal friends and colleagues. He is involved at the deepest level… then he buggers off out of the country just as it seems to be kicking off big style.

So who next? The PCC, as mentioned in a previous blog, are a self-regulatory body. They wont be independent either.

There have been calls for a judicial review but let’s be honest, if all the other senior authorities have been breached, its easy to believe the same could be considered for the judges of the land.

The threats made by the media to high-profile politicians and policemen on revealing elements of their sordid private lives were enough to keep them in check. Considering the colourful private lives of many judges, there must be hordes of blackmail material available to journalists. Can they be trusted to run an independent inquiry?

The corruption involved in what started as a simple misbehaviour of a few rogue journalists, has spanned the most powerful institutions in this country, closed the largest newspaper in the UK, disgusted the public and disgraced the government. While every newspaper and news programme focusses on this hacking issue and its reach, I honestly don’t feel they’re even scratching the surface of the reality of this situation.

I wonder if the general public actually understand or even care about the magnitude of the behaviour of all those involved. I wonder if any media sources have the guts to call it like it is, the most corrupt situation to have arisen in modern politics in the UK.

Of course Labour are jumping on the story as if they are whiter than white, lets not forget the friendships between Blair, Brown and News International staff members. Can anybody be trusted anymore?

When there is no independent authority left in the UK to conduct an impartial investigation into this corruption, where do we turn? Who can we trust to ensure no stone is left unturned?

And while people have complained that this takes away from the true scandal of demolishing the state, if those running the state are rotten to the core, and in the pay packets or social pockets of those running the media, then there would have been no hope for an impartial state anyway.

In a democracy where the people allegedly choose who represents them and their needs in parliament, to discover that they are more attentive to the needs of media moguls than their constituents, suggests the democracy is merely a front for their own personal agendas and those of large corporations.

So yes, the destruction of the NHS in England and Wales is a tragedy on a far more personal scale for constituents, but if you consider that its due to be handed on a plate to large private corporations, perhaps one’s who have the same political clout as the Murdochs had for the media, then you can see why such corruption needs to be outed and dealt with.

The revelations of this “scandal” will be far-reaching and will hopefully ensure that things like this can never happen again. While Cameron and his Tory cronies want more corporate involvement in state business, with the News International revelations, can we really ensure that the system stays impartial throughout the process?




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