Where is the love?

1 08 2011
girl waving from car

being all cheery I waved

Being the cheery soul I am, I decided to brighten everyone’s day while stuck in rush hour traffic at road works by waving to passing drivers from the driving seat of my car.

I thought it was a nice gesture.

It should raise a smile.

It should make people feel like there is a little bit of kindness out there in the mundane daily traffic jam.

It shares the love with the world.

children holding hands around the world

Sharing the love

I was fucking well trying to be nice you miserable bunch of cunts.

a grumpy old man saying stop being a cunt

Yes! please do.

Not one person in the 50 or so cars that passed waved back. Not one person even smiled in response.

Instead, people looked everywhere but at happy wee me in my happy wee car, preferring driving into the opposite verge with a look of embarrassment than interact with another driver.

red car in a verge

This wouldn't have happened if they'd waved back

The most striking point was the look of embarrassment from the recipients as if I’d flashed my tits at them instead of an innocent wave.

girl flashing her tits at the traffic

I wasnt flashing my tits.

It’s a sad indictment of rush hour, so-called humanity, when they cannot grace a grumpy wumman in her car with a wave back.

I’ll remember that when I’m pissed off!

Question mark with where is the love written around it

Humans: Miserable bastards dont deserve the love.




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