Does revenge make you superior?

12 08 2011

Since tweeting about my disgust at Wandsworth council saying they will evict the mother of an alleged rioter despite him not having been convicted, I’ve had quite a few tweets spouting typical Daily Mail bile at me.

Apparently, because I am disgusted at the idea of evicting families whose relatives were involved in riots, I am an apologiser for the rioters behaviour.

I have stated this time and time again. I DIDNT FUCKING RIOT, I HAVE NOTHING TO APOLOGISE FOR.

I cannot offer an apology for the behaviour of a stranger in a different town in a different country. It’s not my place to do so. I’m sure we all learned early on when it’s acceptable to say sorry and when it’s not acceptable to say sorry.

Neither have I at ANY point in time condoned their behaviour, supported their behaviour or suggested that they should all be let off with what they have done. Of course they should be put on trial and dealt with APPROPRIATELY.

It’s the appropriateness that is in question.

It seems that even when 140 characters are used, people still don’t understand what’s written. Fewer words still too confusing for them. Education obviously failing the country blah blah yawn.

So what does evicting alleged rioters, for lets not forget this person hasn’t been convicted yet, really gain? Well it makes an entire family homeless. The whole family punished for the action of one.

Now “parents” are to blame for the actions of their children. But if we look at the ages of some of these “rioters” and “looters“, most are over the age of 16. Half are over the age of 18. Long outwith the disciplinary reach of parents, don’t you think?

So do we still punish parents for the behaviour of men and women over the age of 16? Where does it stop? Should we expect 80-year-old parents be disciplining their 40-year-old offspring? Should we evict the pensioners too?

And then what does that say about our so-called ‘civilised society’? That if you happen to live with a criminal, whether you are aware of it or not, you’re fucked.

No such thing as innocence, its guilt by association.

Just like David Cameron, I believe in innocent until proven guilty and unlike Cameron, I use the assessment of evidence to reach the conclusion. I sure as hell believe in innocent when completely innocent.

I do not agree with guilt by association.

If I’m honest and quite surprised about it, the police are some of the more balanced people talking about these events… It’s the British public who are behaving in an entirely fascist manner.

What next? torture your family pre-emptively so you don’t do any wrong? Hell we could turn the schemes into a kind of Guantanamo bay without the good weather.

I am disgusted by the reaction of people to this. I can understand the anger at the huge amount of personal loss, less so commercial loss.  We seem to be valuing possessions over people’s lives. The anger at people’s lives being destroyed is being displayed as anger at theft… now maybe its a misplaced concern but en masse it just looks like misplaced priorities and vindictive behaviour.

Of course everyone involved in looting, rioting and assault should be charged and convicted where guilty. How ridiculous to suggest otherwise and I haven’t seen anyone say otherwise.

That doesn’t negate the need to address the wider issues of why so many people felt the desire to behave in such a way.

There is no “pure and simple” to this situation, its mixed and complex. It’s not just a bunch of children and they’re not all black or unemployed. It’s not just a bunch of Londoners either.

Interestingly it is only English cities who have seen the violence. It hasn’t been replicated in the devolved nations (so far). Is it then, that the devolved countries aren’t full of bad and greedy people? Or could it be that the issues aren’t to do solely with greed or good and evil?

It seems the majority of the UK don’t actually care for the reason, they’re out for blood and don’t care how they get it…

This raises the questions, does this make them better people than the looters? and if so, why?

Does enacting revenge make you superior to the looters?




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