**Guest Post** Slaves to Political Correctness

13 08 2011

***Guest post by @Mustafashiite***

Slaves to Political Correctness.
(Thank Allah for the British!)

You continue to allow yourselves to be abused due to your trade in slaves and your emergence as a colonial power in Africa.

If only your people knew the facts…you were so very late to join in.

Talk to your friends and they will almost all agree, sheepishly, that the African Slave-Trade was probably a British invention.

‘Nonsense’, you should tell them, ‘Arab-Muslims got there first, over six hundred years before us. They had a healthy trade in West-African slaves long before King Harold lost to William the Conqueror’. Man also are ignorant of how non-African traders acquired their slaves. They were caught by and sold by other Africans! Yes my friends, blackAfricans played a major role in the slave-trade.

Hallelujah Europa!
Portuguese explorers were the first Europeans to get involved as early as 1441. Indeed the Pope virtually granted them a monopoly in 1454. (‘That cannot be correct,’ I hear you say, ‘a Pope with rascist tendencies!.’) The Spanish soon followed and the French, Dutch and Germans were all involved before you traded tour first slave in 1555.

Many of the West Indies were ruled by other European Superpowers of the time, long before you took them into your British Empire and as a result they already had large black-African slave populations. Examples being Jamaica and the Bahamas which became British around 1655-70.

Anti-slavery plays, novels and reports flowed freely and were published by your countrymen. These continued in ever increasing number over the following century. Unfortunately, not enough important people agreed with their content and your country dominated the slave-trade, along with Portugal and France for several decades in the mid-1700s. During this time, readers, an increasing number of people of influence became better educated as far as this abhorrent behaviour was concerned and numerous bills were brought before both of your Houses of Parliament. Initially they suffered defeat after defeat before eventually one was passed in 1807.

Things can only get better.
Your government then began a long and forceful campaign to put an end to the slave-trade around the entire globe using both diplomacy and it’s mighty navy. Both methods achieved slow but significant success. The United States soon joined your Royal Navy’s Atlantic- blockade helping to bring to an end the Atlantic slave-trade north of the equator by 1820. The fact that it was another twenty years before the Vatican condemned the practice may well be due to the fact that the countries still benefitting were predominantly Catholic!

The number of transported slaves dropped year upon year as the British signed treaty after treaty with other Nations in order to bring an end to this evilness. Unfortunately the Crimea (1853-56) needed a large Royal Navy presence and during this time trading increased! Post-Crimea, the end of the slave-trade was inevitable as so many countries now deemed it revolting and many now helped patrol the seas.

A major step forward came in 1869 when Portugal, who over four hundred years earlier had started it all, finally agreed to stop.This coincided with the Arab States agreeing to bring to an end their slave-shipping from Africa’s east coast in 1870.

Brazil, or rather it’s Portuguese plantation-owners, refused to stop and continued for another twenty years. Portugal must, if anybody should, hold it’s head in shame as approximately 75% of all African slaves transported across the Atlantic did so in it’s ships and ended up in Brazil. Of the remaining 25%, Britain was responsible for less than half!
Mucho grassy-arse pet! Mustafa. Over and out!


GHL Editorial Comment: Left spelling mistakes in – too lazy to change them




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