What kind of sick fuck…

19 08 2011

takes a dump in a communal close?

There are receipts not far from it that have been used to wipe the culprit’s arse, so I know it’s not an animal. At least not the four-legged kind.

Its fucking sick.

If I’d caught the bastard in action my lovely, battle ready 5′ claymore would have been put to good use. It would have been the fucker’s head on a sword in the picture instead.

I sincerely hope you put your finger thro the paper and up your arsehole and you have shite under your nails… and your nails are jaggy and you’ve scratched your anus and it gets rancid, puss-ridden and infected. That piles fall down from the constant cycle of constipation and diarrhoea because of your junkie existence.  I hope those piles ache and itch and are so large you can barely walk. I hope they hang so low your tracky shows the outline of the grape like features and I hope they burst and you bleed to death.

And then I shall squat on your grave and let someone else clean up my shite, just like you left it for us to clean up.




I should also point out that Glasgow City Council Environmental Health department say that it’s not a substance they will consider cleaning up, despite obvious hazards to health for those without suitable equipment for doing so.

Strathclyde Police were very understanding but did point out there was nothing they could do and that they weren’t willing to investigate it any further.




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