Poverty and a bus ride

11 10 2011

Am sitting on the bus reading press release after press release on the increase in relative and absolute child poverty over the next decade.

How the fuck did we let it come to this?

How can an entire house of electorally representative people allow this to come to fruition? Something is critically wrong with our society when we actually vote in people to represent OUR needs, wants and wishes and still they make things worse. We make things worse by allowing them.

It’s a thoroughly depressing state of affairs when society is guided more by headlines in the Daily Mail than for the good if it’s neighbours? Are we really so selfish and naive, dare I say ignorant, as to actually believe the bile such rags spout are truth?

We are governed by a selection of people so out of touch with reality that they call the growth of absolute and relative poverty in a so called developed society as all doing our bit to cope with the deficit.

A fucking deficit none of those in absolute or relative poverty had ANYTHING to do with.

We have allowed a government with limited mandate to destroy the few chances those in poverty had of getting out of that situation, while the rich in society continue to increase their wealth?

How the fuck are we all in this together?

All I can see as I pass through one of the poorest parts of Glasgow is destitution, joblessness, no chances and no hope.

And we have allowed this to happen.

I don’t want to hear we have no control over them. We voted them in, or didn’t vote at all because it seemed futile. Well look at the mess we’re in now.

We let this happen. We continue to let this happen.

Can we not learn from the mistakes of the past? Do we not remember the MASSIVE landslide victories of the red Tories in desperation to end the destruction caused by the blue Tories?

Did people not think that by allowing this to happen again, that we wouldn’t see history repeat itself?

We had an opportunity to make headway towards change in the political system and those who bothered to vote overwhelmingly said no.

The idea on offer may not have been perfect but it would have been a start.

We will forever be in a spiral of societal destruction as long as we allow the Tories red and blue to dominate politics. As long as we let these over privilege oafs continue to grumble and flap at the old boys debate club while being paid in excess of £60,000 a year plus expenses, we will never see a modern, productive and flexible political system.

*Now coming into bus station…*

But here’s what I want. I want a codified constitution

*brief walk through town now on tube*

I want a proportionally representative voting system.

I want politics to be given to the people not the elite.

I want accountability on a statutory level not just within the guidelines of ridiculously outdated conventional and royal prerogative basis.

I want the monarch to be nothing more than a tourist attraction and certainly not someone with the potential to have a decisive say in the running of the country.

I want representatives to represent those within their constituencies and not to tow the party line in the hope of a cabinet (or shadow) position.

I want people before career.

I want career to be an opportunity open to all.

*walk to Uni and cuppa tea*

I want education to be open to all and FREE.

I want healthcare to remain nationalised.

I want the benefits system to actually support rather than punish those who rely on it.

I want those responsible for and in a position to repay, the deficit to do so.

I want poverty to be abolished in the United Kingdom, and not through the death of starving, hypothermic families.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

*off to lecture*




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