Greasy Greggs and a Pickle – altruism or marketing?

13 10 2011

Just a quick rant as it’s too long for a twitter rant.

Just read this post: Greggs boss’s fury at Eric Pickles dustbin decision. In it Greggs chief exec Ken McMeikan moans about how the government can find millions for weekly bin collections but not feed undernourished children. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely sentiment. Wealthy businessman wants to help the starving kiddies.

BUT IT’S GREGGS – favourite of the “chav” parent with the obese 2 year old.

A greggs sausage roll

nutrition (?) wrapped in fat and flour


Have a look at some of their happy customers reviews.

McMeikan complains the government wouldn’t give Greggs money to extend the Bakers Breakfast club, which they claim funds free food for disadvantaged children.

But lets face it, how much of the food being donated from Greggs is healthy or balanced? And is the motive honestly altruistic? Do they have nothing to gain from such a scheme?

As I’ve touched on briefly with the comment chav’s favourite, we are all aware fast-food is easy, convenient and relatively cheap for people with low incomes or restricted intellect (n.b. it is not restricted solely to people with restricted intellect, I’m using artistic license). Health and wellbeing really doesn’t come into it and lets face it, neither does nutrition.

So why not start early by promoting your brand to children in poverty? Keep the cycle going. Get kids addicted to the various additives (even those natural ones!) in your products early on. Get kids, with established and much relied on, pester-power, harassing their parents for a Greggs instead of a MacDonalds. Increase obesity, grow your brand’s reach all in the name of kindness… and of course the tax breaks for showing concern for the poor kiddiewinkles.

So here’s an idea Mr Greggs the Baker, how about cutting the shareholder profit and paying it all from your own profits? Lead the way with other businesses. Cut the fat, salt and crap in your food. I’d also like to add cut the food poisoning, as I’ve never eaten a Greggs that hasn’t made me vomit within an hour of consuming. Never. Not once.

If you have a product that promotes health, wellbeing and balanced nutrition, and a business that actively gives something of value to the community and its patrons, other than obesity and related illnesses, then please feel free to criticise my rant.

I agree with part of his message that the government shouldnt be playing ridiculous games with *precious* money when more and more children are facing poverty. I just don’t think it’s for the likes of Greggs to comment.

Call me cynical, but I completely disagree with a company like Greggs, monopolising every street corner with its vile, greasy excuse for food, then claiming THEY have more right to government money to feed their trash to kids.

Granted I may be wrong and perhaps this Bakers Breakfast Club has absolutely no sponsorship banners or advertising and the food may well be healthy and completely at odds with any of Greggs in store products… but somehow I doubt it.





2 responses

13 10 2011

I am relieved to learn I’m not the only person in the world who can’t stand Greggs! I thought it was just me being Mrs Fussy Pants over food. You know, technically, my little darling is classed as a “child living in poverty”. He also has to follow a strict diet because of asthma and severe food allergies. I tell you, he eats so healthily the poor little poppet, even though he doesn’t have much choice he never complains and it is honestly cheaper to cook everything from scratch and not even too time consuming once you get into a routine. I suppose the fast food outlets have a lot to gain by promoting the “healthy food is too expensive” myth. I mean I do agree that kids’ nutrition ought to come before bins but handing out cheese pasties at breakfast club isn’t going to help.

13 10 2011

Completely agree! We are technically “in poverty” but I’d rather eat a 30p apple than a greggs sausage roll. I’d almost prefer to eat a macdonalds and that its THE worst thing imaginable. I tell Jr Macdonalds is what bad kids are punished with 😛

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