A GrumpyHat letter to Parliament

12 12 2011

A grumpy hat letter to all Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords

Dear UK Parliament,

When you value and prioritise business over people, competition over care, invulnerable over vulnerable, banks over children, minority over majority, there is a serious problem.

I don’t care about *your* deficit, I didn’t create it, 99% of us didn’t create it, we sure as hell shouldn’t be paying for it. We were not all in it together when the millionaire bankers were raking in the profits, I don’t see why we should be in it together when we are trying to fix their problems with our money.

Society should not be run by financial institutions, the media and fear of both organisations. It should be run by representatives of the people, working for the benefit of people and yet you fail at even this most basic of democratic concepts.

You make me sick when you demonise the weakest in society by claiming the UK is out of money and conversely that they are the ones who have to pay in the name of us being ‘all in it together’.  I don’t believe for a minute britain is out of money. When public sector workers are having their pensions decimated and their wages reduced to pay for what little pension they have left, the MP’s aren’t facing the same hardships in retirement. And it’s not as if most MP’s can’t afford to retire comfortably without their rather respectable public sector pensions added in.

And while we are all in it together, we “ordinary” people are making huge sacrifices to try to afford to feed ourselves and pay for basic heating in cold winter months,  you can afford to throw millions at the Olympics to improve its opening ceremony. What is really sickening is that in these times of global austerity, you can, with the clichéd mantra ‘all in it together’, legitimately take much-needed money from disabled children to pay for a huge corporate party and a few athletes from around the world. When you can afford to do this, I cannot agree that we are virtually bankrupt. What I am seeing is not fiscal caution in the name of ordinary people, it’s paying for a party that the ‘ordinary’ people cannot attend.

When I’m in debt, I have to cut back, usually luxuries are the first to go. I most certainly do not throw large extravagant parties that only the most well-connected and rich will be able to attend. I don’t start battles with strangers miles away costing billions of pounds and hundreds of lives. Even when I have nothing to spare, I will always find some way of helping those who need my help and *always* help those I am legally responsible for. You are legally responsible for societal wellbeing of the people of the United Kingdom aren’t you?

I don’t think forcing the innocent to suffer and while doing so forcing them to pay for the mistakes of millionaire gamblers who ruined our economy, is an efficient means of managing society. I don’t think you’re doing a very good job of solving this crisis, you’re the ones creating it this time round. You cannot blame previous governments for this. You cannot blame Europe for this. This is not a financial issue,  I think it’s a basic MORAL issue and a definite ideological one.

Senator Hubert H Humphrey said in his last speech in 1977  “…the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped. ”

I am ashamed to say you have failed the moral test. You are proving to fail the financial test. You have failed in your duty of care towards the people United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

You should be ashamed. I am. We are a laughing-stock on this planet and not one of you has the skill or ability to rectify that situation. Shame on you. Shame on you all.

No love or respect whatsoever,

Grumpyhatlady and Chums.




One response

10 01 2012

as one disabled in 1990!
severely disabled*
surviving n DLA*
I retain enough senses to,
utilise the Internet!
recently I found the site below. V
it would appear that the EU*
the true masters of the coalition!!
have taken up the fight!
L@@K here. V

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