2011 a year in Grumpy hats…

31 12 2011

This is an account of my first year of blogging on GHL&C

Apologies for the links being hard to see. they are grey with dots underneath. I shall change the CSS later to make them more visible.


First post published on GHL&C was a guest post, Fit For Work, Is Work Fit For Me? It detailed the bloggers worries on the transition to ESA from IB and sadly is as relevant now as it was a year ago. Next came a rant about The Pain of Pink, what is a mother to do when her little cherub loves pink despite never having been exposed to it? Popularity Sucks is a narcissistic rant, name says it all. A short and sweet post about People. A Woman Rants is a repost from an earlier blog telling the sordid the truth about periods. Noise in the Vacuum Rant 1 provided our next guest rant on slebs, politicians and a bit of everything else.

The Problem with Protests was one of our most popular blogs in the first half of the year having a wee rant about the effectiveness of protesting in its current form. Oi Tombliboos changed the tone of the day comparing their behaviour to the destructive forces of society.


February started off as it meant to go on, and indeed set the theme for most of 2011 for GHL with the first post, Snotter. Noise in the Vacuum returned again with a guest post on Slebs.  Next up was another guest post, Stop Paying Me: trying to get off benefits describing the administrative difficulty in trying to get off benefits. My own personal favourite of February was my poll on Feet, short, sweet and to the point!

Twitter, Privacy & Copyright was another highly popular post discussing the use of tweets in the media. A fellow wannabee student wrote the next guest post, Diversity in Law, Poor People Need Not Apply. Next up was a sweary rant, Autism Sunday, stick your prayers… Of course no february is complete without a rant on valentines Day, VD, is it catching on can we stop the spread?. The true valentines post was on a somewhat more serious note: A Disability is For Life, Not Just For Money

Next guest post is due an update in the coming weeks, East Dunbartonshire Council say: disabled people can’t exercise without carer (kind of). As an update to our very first guest post, Fit For Work, Fit For Nothing (Part 2) continues where the first left off. Ranting at my mother, Timekeeping Exists for a Reason as she has no comprehension of time or ability to look at her watch.


March saw the publishing of one of the sites most popular blogs, So They Represent Us Do They? which was an analysis of diversity statistics in the current government. One of my favourite guest blogs was by NormalWeirdo, Flying Bob is an analogy of socialising with Autism. Project Facebook Suicide ranting about the shiteyness that is facebook and the relief and consequences of leaving the network. We Will Survive was a political rewording of the famous karaoke classic by an anonymous guest. Then Lord Jeremy of Kyle pissed me off one morning, so I wrote an Open Letter to Jeremy Kyle.

Next was the most nerve-wracking experience of my life, The LNAT Experience which describes how it feels to sit the Law National Admissions Test (and yes I passed). March 26 was a wee rant about not being able to go on the March.


First post of April was a repost from another site, Hypocrisy of Criminal Martyrdom in Protests discussing Edward Woolard and violence at protests.  When Your Allergy Goes Out of Fashion is a reposted rant about being Dairy Free in a commercially gluten-free environment. Another repost from an old blog, When Student Becomes a Bad Word discusses the demonisation of students. Normal Weirdo returns with a post on something I had never heard of, Misophonia, music to my ears which talks about the amplification of certain noises to painful levels.

April seems to be all about the repost. This next one got the yummy mummies up in arms, The Wonderful World of Online Parenting. Chavs in the Neighbourhood rants about those mid afternoon tv homes shows. Filling Space with Compliments and Right Wing Incest got a few people up in arms without even having read it! Does bring a few pervs to the site… Call Centre Monkeys was one of the totally judgemental posts of the day but they deserved the post! Next was a rant about celebrity bipolar, Bipolar Badge and Bylines.

Next post We Like Them, We Need Them, We Want Them, reveals the truth about E’s. Of course April saw that Royal Wedding, Do you remember where you were during the royal wedding? Nope, me neither…  Then came the post that outraged many Retail Manipulation and Destruction of Childhood – sadly the comments were lost in a database upgrade 😦 – It is still one of my most visited pages today. Summer Clothes Rant gave chubbers and twiglets alike a giggle. One of my pet hates is Opinions on Parenting, everyone has one and so I had a rant about it. It really is like therapy this site as someone soon asked for a guest post Screaming Rant. I needed to get something off my chest with What I really want to say

Then a late online friend asked if he could post something controversial… Competitive Sickness Syndome – it got many twitter nods but some people took offence and were particularly rude about it. It seems perhaps freedom of speech didn’t extend to opinion on ‘off topics’. The very same day witnessed our first non-human post: A Dog Rants.  In response to the vitriolic comments on Competitive Sickness I was forced to post, If You Cant Say Something Constructive.

Next guest posts were from anonymous twitter followers,  a Mini-Rant on Phone Contracts and Monday Bills. Another Guest Post this time by the infamous R_B_Bastard was on George Michael.  Not to be outdone, another infamous twitter character FuriousGerbil wrote, Twitter After the Love is Gone.  A final twitter guest post by OhRosieJones had a mixed response, Who really has the sexual power?


First post of May was, Loling is a Crime – and it bloody well should be! I had a bit of an election brainfart on An Independent Scotland or a Listening Britain? I left quite a blatant message for some creepy bastard in Stalkers and Creepy Folk.

Then came *that* post, the one that broke the site and the server. The one that took google images number 1 spot for a picture of a penis… Sex Education, Penis and Perversion. This has been to date THE most popular post on the site sadly mostly sick fuckers looking for images of kids. I’m glad to disappoint.

Next post not quite so interesting, Lawyers in Social Network Time Travel Shocker. Funnily enough the tweeting lawyers weren’t so happy with this post but it rings true to the rest of the planet. A post that resulted from a change in mood, Screw the Poor and Vulnerable, Lets Be Rich and Not Give A Toss.

Part of the bad poetry series, Ode To Lionel Blair, Ode To Tena Lady, Ode to Prison Food

After yet another online hysteria about who owns your content, There Is No Question, You Own Your Content On Social Networks. Another strangely popular post, possibly for custard pies, is Nick Clegg and the LibDems. Then after an odd downtime I realised why my site had crawled to a halt, The Day A Penis Killed My Server. Oddly it appears to have been deleted from its original spot. I’m hoping this isn’t by my new hosts as I had to move from my old ones who couldn’t cope with the traffic.

Then I got some sad news, A friend of mine who had posted the most fought over post on GHL&C passed away, RIP B.O.B His wit is still missed 😦

Sick of being harassed for being a T totaller, I decided to write this blog, Dont Drink? Are You Mad? Not one of the most popular posts on the site but many people understand where I’m coming from now. After mentioning the medical word for willy a few times, I started to get a few more undesirables on the site looking for illegal pictures, promtping Sick Fuckers Not Welcome Here. Didnt stop them. How a Pig and a Mouse Destroyed the Economy and Created Sheep has been a surprisingly popular post, it’s about branding, children and capitalism.

Last post of May came after watching that horrific panorama programme about the people living in Winterbourne View, Panorama, Privatisation and Prognosis.


Poor Kids The Unseen, Unheard Victims discussed another tv programme looking at children living in poverty. On the other side of the tracks, Those Poor Toffs, It Must Be Hard For Them Too plays devils advocate and considers the bullying of the wealthier people in society. Next was a sillier post that has taken second place in most viewed posts of 2011, The Bunion is Here, The Bunion is Now. There are a lot of very off people out there looking for pictures of Posh Spice’s bunions.

Next up is a serious post, Davies, Disability and Minimum Wage. I then decided to resurrect some bad poetry with My Day In Rhyme. Following on from an earlier post about disabled people using leisure service at EDC came this, East Dunbartonshire Council and Freedom of Information Requests. Again an update should be posted in the coming weeks.

After all the talk of making people work longer, Don’t Plan for Retirement in a Poor Glasgow.  Then a discussion of offensive language with Retard Retard Retard. Another surprisingly popular silly post, Dressy Do and Blowing My Brains Out with a Kazoo. Back to serious, Public Sector Striking, Private Sector Whining, Government Laughing.


Policing the Press discusses the regulation of the press which was hot at the time with all the hacking revelations. July saw the opening of Google Plus to many more users prompting, Google Plus Privacy and the Rest. In what seems like a bit of an X Files title, Can Anyone Be Trusted Anymore? looks at corruption in our authorities. The Death of One is a Tragedy looks at public grief and reactions to grief. July had the first guest post in a while which was unique in that it was conducted via a skype conversation, What Happened to Celebrating the Individual?

I hate Baby Jake but the wee one loves it, prompting, Baby (Jake) Talk. Then I went all serious and personal for a moment, Why I Don’t Do Real Names Online. I’ve had great email and twitter feedback on this post.


Ever had one of those days? Where is the Love? It seems August wasnt the month for love as the Riots in England took hold, London’s Burning but Why? This post started a massive troll attack on my twitter account as I was called all the names under the sun for daring not to conform to national disgust.


Armchairs from Whence we Opine was quite possibly my favourite blog title of the year.  It followed on from the riots post and looked at how easy it is to judge from a living room. The riot response didn’t end there, after getting loads of hate tweets and threats, I wrote Does Revenge Make You Superior? It seems you can’t make anyone happy… ever. So I didn’t bother trying.

As I was already hated, I decided to tell the story of My One Time As Benefit Scrounging Scum.

Next came a rant after a particularly bad call centre sales experience, Customer Service Where You Eat Their Children In Front of Them. As if in karmic retribution, someone shat in my old close, What Kind of Sick Fuck? This put me in a fucker of a mood for the month so I wrote this, Rant Longer than 140 characters. As that Dorries nutter went on about abortion, I felt it was time to tell my story, My Experience of Unwanted Pregnancy.  As I said it was a bad mood month and sick of people going on and on about bastard landlords I wrote, What About The Accidental Landlord? Finishing the month with ARGH!


I posted one of my more recently popular posts, Work For Welfare, Forced Labour by Any Other Name which is worth a read if you are interested in the talk of workfare in the UK. As I started uni this month, blogging all but ground to a halt but I still managed to post, There Can Be Economy Only Where There Is Efficiency ranting about the inefficiency of government departments like DWP and HMRC


October was another quiet blogging month as I was snowed under with this learning lark. There was quite a bit of commuting and as long as travel sickness didnt rear its ugly head I could post. First of the month was Poverty and a Bus Ride. Later that same day I posted about *THAT* Student we all had at least one in our class. Then Greasy Greggs and a Pickle, Altruism or Marketing? which looked at using social clubs to promote capitalism and brand.

Something many women can sympathise with is The Problem of Boobs in the Rain. What’s That About Book Covers and Judges discusses individualism in school and work. From individualism we move onto overpopulation in Seven Billion Parasites Where Do They All Belong? And there always has to be one of those hippy preachy bullshit posts, Slowly and Quietly Planting the Seeds of Change


November didn’t see any posts as it was assessment time at uni. December started with a truly festive blog, Jingle Fucking Bells? Bah Fucking Humbug! As the months news worsened, I wrote A GrumpyHat Letter to Parliament which seemed to go viral but not quite as viral as my last post, Why Employment Initiatives for Disabled People Don’t Work which has been the most popular post in the second half of the year by far, gaining considerable media interest. Last guest post of the year was by Normal Weirdo discussing, The Disability Adviser and highlighting how even those claiming to be enlightened still have a long way to go.

Of course surrounding it were a couple of sillier posts, What Every Kiss Means and When A Girl Misses You. Neither politically correct and both debunking ridiculous teenage romantic myths.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few blogs but these are the ones that are showing up today… Read them, enjoy them, hate them… whatever.

So this is the last post of 2011. It’s been…. well it’s been.




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