If you hadn’t worked it out yet, I’m grumpy

11 02 2012

Above is my twitter biog on my profile page. I think it gives enough clues as to my grumpy online nature. If the GRUMPYhatlady username doesnt give it away, the blatant biog, one expects, would do so.

“Clue in the name: GRUMPY. Egalitarian. GRUMPY. Dont be surprised by the grumpiness. wysiwyg! loves brainfarts! dont follow if you dont like grumpy”

I even explicitly say “dont follow if you dont like grumpy”

How hard is it for people to understand? I’m not asking you to take in quantum physics or infinite maths, it’s not a lesson in rocket science. I am grumpy, I like to moan. Do you get the point?

Why then will I get a handful of people each month complaining that I am too grumpy? Why do people feel the need to point out I am grumpy? I thought I’d been quite clear about that from the start. They’re not telling me something I don’t know, or am not open and honest about, and they sure as hell can say it came as a surprise when my tweets are of a grumpy or ranting nature. You can’t say I didn’t warn people adequately. And why tell me to cheer up? Really, c.mon now. Be original, be funny but don’t fucking tell me how my emotional state of mind should be!

I don’t want to start insulting the intellect of random strangers on twitter (anymore) but for fuck sake, they’re doing a good job of doing that for themselves.

It’s a simple concept.






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