Twitter holiday

17 03 2012

I’ve decided to have a twitter holiday. It may last an hour, a day or even forever…

I found I was getting irritated too much by it. This is what happened with Facebook and I never went back there. Twitter is fast turning into a bebo-facebook hybrid with more drama than a west end play, people trolling their mates, thinly veiled bitching and passive aggressive bullshit. As I said when I left Facebook, I’m too old for this shit. Left it behind in school and hoped it would stay there.

There are hundreds of fantastic people on twitter but as usual there are always a few gobshites who ruin it for everyone… or at least me. Some time out will allow me to hopefully return and enjoy everyone again.

I’ll still have my rants here… when I can think of anything to say and I’ll reactivate my twitter account if/when I  feel I have anything to share.




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