Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance

23 03 2012

Why are people so interested in what my opinion may be on any given matter?

As Plato said, “Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.” I like that. I claim ignorance far more often than knowledge.

I find I am asked for my opinion on things quite a lot. I’m pretty sure it’s not because I am some kind of social influence, and more often than not I end up getting trolled if I do reveal my personal opinion when asked directly.  I don’t think my opinions are particularly controversial. I don’t believe they should have any bearing on any person I communicate with. It may well be that they are different to yours, his, hers or theirs but they are only one virtual person’s opinions.

That said, if my opinion happens to be different to yours, is it a deal breaker? Does social communication cease? If we all had the same opinion, the world would be a very very dull place. I like difference in opinion. I learn from it. It expands my mind, it shifts me slightly towards knowledge from my position of ignorance.  Often, I will give my opinion on something, whether it is wanted or not. That does not mean I am open to abuse or accusation for not providing an opinion when directly asked. It is mere politeness (ok, maybe a bit of mischief too) not to reply with “none of your business”. This response is one I often wish to give, even when the person asking holds the same opinion as me.

Why? Because it is none of their business.

If someone communicates with me merely because we hold the same opinion on a matter and is willing to cease communication when we do not hold the same opinion on the matter, I will have little time for said person. And that is my opinion.




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