Welcome to Capitalism – Hell Mend Us.

3 07 2012

How is it right that one man gets a £20,000,000-30,000,000 golden farewell for being at least partly responsible for the latest banking scandal and my family of 3 have to live on only £100 a week before bills and food? The reasons behind why we have to live on such a small amount at the moment are personal and complex but we’re not eligible for benefits and we can’t find work. Anywhere.

On twitter people were stating what £20m-£30m could do for their workplaces. People claiming it would fund their project or department for X amount of years. I decided to work out how long my family could live, on our current income, if we had £30m to draw from.

Turns out we could survive for 5769.2 years.


Or it could support 5769 families on £100 a week, for one year

If he is unfortunate enough to only get £20m, that meager amount would keep my family on our current weekly income for 3846.2 years or keep THREE THOUSAND. EIGHT HUNDRED AND FORTY SIX families on £100 a week, for one year.

And this is only his golden farewell. It doesn’t take into account his previous bonuses, his salary and his shares.

How is it fair that one man, responsible for what most people are calling FRAUD and everyone is calling immoral business practice, can be given such a handsome payoff, when there are families forced to live on £100 a week?

We were so greedy in the good times we didn’t care what the bankers were doing as long as we could get easy access to money and the material possessions it buys. Well aren’t we all suffering for it now. Welcome to Capitalism – Hell Mend Us!




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