The government have pulled a blinder

28 07 2012

Whodda thunk it? The opening ceremony of the Olympics has healed ALL our problems for the next fortnight and everyone has gone soft on the problems so very prominent prior to the moment the Queen jumps out a ‘copter.

Suddenly in a huge wave of nostalgia the majority of the population think Britain is great again. Tugging at the heart strings of the most cynical has worked well. Instant criticism seizure. Crimes of past and present forgotten. We are one big happy family again. Anyone who disagrees is disowned.

While the media are awash with stories of Danny Boyle’s lefty ceremony, the British public left and right have pulled together in patriotic solidarity. Only the most radical extremists haven’t fallen for its message; Don’t dare criticise the Olympics, the ceremony’s message or the new holy land of great Britain. A better result the coalition couldn’t have hoped for and they just sat back and let it happen.

Aside from outrage at MPs Burley and Mensch, nothing negative is being discussed by the public regarding the our political and economic states today. “But now is not the time for it” I’ve been told. “Now is our time to shine and show off our talents” apparently.

Put global problems on hold for a few weeks, some fit people need to do some exercise!

In one evening the government’s much desired WWII spirit has returned to the public and don’t you dare criticise it! Go learn the words to god save the queen and knees up mother brown now. You’ll need them soon to prove you’re patriotic and proud.

The government have hoped for this sense of patriotism and pride for years and we’ve willingly handed it to them on a plate.

We couldn’t pull together to save the NHS or the Welfare State, two things celebrated in the opening ceremony, yet we can do so over a dramatic reenactment and a hugely restrictive and expensive corporate sporting event.

This time yesterday no one believed the Olympics would improve national wellbeing statistics, let alone unite such a broken nation.Yesterday we were cynical enough to see the attempts at wool being pulled over our eyes. Last night in a highly impressive and entertaining show, it happened. Our vision was obscured by subtle ovine fabrics while we were dazzled by the pretty lights, bouncy music and nurses.

All the lefties feeling warm and fuzzy as Boyle allegedly sticks it to the destructive coalition. The coalition feeling warm an fuzzy because it believes it has managed to do what no government has in almost 70 years; brought back the great British community spirit.

But what happens when the Olympics are over? Do we automatically revert to the cynicism, albeit less convincingly knowing how quickly people shallowly change their minds on public outrage? Or do we continue with our keep coalition and carry on attitude the opening ceremony seems to have developed among us?

While so many are now claiming the tens of millions of pounds spent on the 3 hour theatrical extravaganza were more than worth it, people in Britain are still starving and struggling to survive, the disabled are still being penalised, there are no jobs, the NHS so celebrated last night is being privatised, schools to follow, the libraries housing the children’s stories so prominent in the show are closing, economy is in a worse state than it has been since before the war, and peaceful protesting is rapidly being criminalised.

The latter one disturbs me. As people watched an impressive performance outside, those who didn’t care for it outside were being violently arrested. This morning, those who dared to criticise it, or at least not celebrate the Olympics and Britishness, online were being violently attacked.

This hasn’t solved any pre-existing problems. It hasn’t cured all ills. It was a piece of fantastic entertainment pure and simple and people are so blinded beaming with patriotism and pride in response, they’ve forgotten what’s really going on, if even just for a fortnight. It’s all been very similar to The Braveheart Effect seen when an Australian actor wielded the strength of an American film studio to create a dodgy xenophobic patriotism among Scots.

Tens of millions of pounds spent on a pantomime is small change to effect the kind of societal atmosphere the governments have been craving for the past 4 1/2 years. And we swallowed it without question. Good thing really, might be the only thing for some they eat all week.

I wish the athletes all the best, it’s their moment. I commend Boyle on a great show… But I’m not going to forget the real world either.

**random words are due to ayephone autocorrect**




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