About GHL&C

This blog was set up to allow people to rant about whatever, without others necessarily knowing who is doing the ranting.

If you want to join in the fun just email grumpyhatlady at that yahoo dotcom place.

It will be a combination of extremely silly through to extremely serious rants on any topic imaginable – as long as it doesn’t get us arrested.

Each post reflects the opinion of the original author and not necessarily grumpyhatlady herself.

Don’t give her a hard time if its clear you’re pissed off about a guest post as you’ll either be ignored or ridiculed.

There are rules on our rules page that I cant be arsed linking to, but it should be on menu above.

Spelling and Grammar or lack of, is the responsibility of each blogger. No one gets paid for their efforts here so there’s no need to for the posts to be as coherent as your average journalist from the guardian erm bbc ok actually, their spelling sucks and grammar is questionable, so is ours. Deal with it.

Life is too short to worry, off the clock, about properly constructing prose, correct spelling or grammar. That said, txt spk lyk and net abominations such as roffle will be punishable by humiliation, and virtual death.

we’re not gonna spend hours composing a blog for fuck sake, we have a life. We write it as it springs to mind if we happen to be at online at the time, so if we haven’t referenced the blog, haven’t bothered correcting a dont to don’t, haven’t spent hours fawning over it to impress random Internet weirdoes, then forgive us. Or don’t. The problem isn’t ours.

GHL&C take no responsibility for your lack of intelligence, reading ability or others lack of manners.

So yeah we’re grumpy and proud!


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