*guest post* East Dunbartonshire Council and Freedom of Information Requests

18 06 2011

I have the authors full permission to reproduce this email, as is. Instead of backstory, I’ve created links within the email to the relevant discussions or posts.

Dear *Grumpyhatlady*,

Just thought I’d update you on my problem with East Dunbartonshire Council and the passport to leisure scheme.

As you’ll recall, I initially raised an issue regarding East Dunbartonshire Council’s policy on disabled people being refused entry to their sport centre without their carer… I made a freedom of information request in the hope to get some answers from them.


They didn’t reply beyond acknowledgment. I gave them plenty of opportunity to reply and in the end had to request an internal review.


They didn’t reply to that beyond acknowledgement either.

I’m now having to submit an appeal to the Scottish Information Commissioner.

And wouldn’t you know,


When I made an FOI request about how East Dunbartonshire Council deal with freedom of information requests, they have delayed the response beyond acknowledgement for that too. Internal review will be requested by the end of next week.

Now I know they’re answering other requests as the website shows the successful ones. I can’t believe it would be that much hassle to reply with a simple refusal email.

If you or any of your blog readers have any information or advice for me, please let me know.

Yours sincerely

***** *******


So there you have it. East Dunbartonshire Council are refusing simple FOI requests without so much as a reason. Can anyone offer help or advice to this guest poster? Either comment or email me at yahoo dot com.