The Rules.

Grumpyhatlady & Chums is a platform for people to have a rant without necessarily starting up or darkening their own personal blog with negativity and moaning.

Obviously we need a few basic house rules.

1. It needs to be a rant or even just a wee bit grumpy. Moaning should be celebrated 🙂

2. Keep it legal.
Posts should not break any of the usual UK publication laws or any other law for that matter.  Data Protection Laws apply here as anywhere else…. We’re not Wikileaks and don’t want to get people into trouble.

3. No Bullying
Its all well and good having a rant about someone who places themselves in the public eye but personal attacks where the recipient can be identified is not on. Pick on politicians, call ‘slebs all the twats under the sun but leave joe bloggs that lives next door with his anonymity. This isnt about settling grudges or humiliating people not usually in the public eye.

4. Rants can be on pretty much any subject but not in a Daily Mail sensationalist bullshit style. We’re grumpy, not red top tabloids making up crap for attention.

5. Swearing is fine.
Even cunt is acceptable in this blog. Swearing is good. Swearing is fun. Swearing is only words.

6. Drama is so last decade
If you’re looking to perpetuate internet drama from another site, go start up your own blog. Not getting into defamation problems here.

7. If you cause an uproar with your rant, you’re on your own.
We take no responsibility for you pissing off people who read your post. Defend yourself if you want but we wont do it unless we agree with you.

8. You can post your rant anonymously.
GrumpyHatLady will set up an email account that you can send your rants to and if you request anonymity, it will be guaranteed. You can also set up a wordpress account and if you want to submit a rant associated with that account, access to do so can be granted to post with agreement.

9. GrumpyHatLady has the final say in everything to do with this blog.
This is a dictatorship, not some hippy commune full of love and sandwiches. If we’re not comfortable with something being said, we wont post it. In the end its our arse on the line. We’re pretty open minded and can’t see many things that wouldn’t get posted.

10. Anyone using internet abominations such as “roffle” or “lol” or txt spk abbreviations lyk “u” or “ur” etc will be refused posting access. Its not hard to write properly. We probably all attended primary school and should have basic grammar and spelling skills. We’re not looking for Shakespearean tomes but readability is important for this blogs survival.

11. All authors retain full copyright and GHL&C wont reproduce your post elsewhere without full consent of the original author, we’re not one of those sites who decides your work is ours to do as we please. You get full glory and full control.

GrumpyHatLady reserves the right to amend or add to these rules on a whim.


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